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The World As I See It

The World as I See It

The world is a complex system of people, processes and environments all interconnected to create places to live and work – like a giant jigsaw puzzle. When the pieces fit together you get a beautiful picture and places that work – when they don’t the corners of the pieces bend, the picture gets distorted and nothing goes right.

An organisation is a jigsaw puzzle not with 2-dimensional cardboard pieces but with 3-dimensional relationships and interactions between people, processes, equipment and environments. When the pieces fit together everything works like a dream with few to no surprises when the pieces don’t fit errors, accidents and an unnecessary amount of wasted human effort and materials occurs.

This poor fit introduces a high degree of uncertainty and risk surrounding human performance and the potential for human error which over time can build up to an accident – the model developed by James Reason, better known as the Swiss Cheese model, explains this perfectly.

Through my holistic, systems approach, strong base in human factors and human factors integration and understanding of the Swiss Cheese model I have tools to reduce this uncertainty and risk.

Companies I have worked with

During my 20 years of experience, I have been fortunate to work with the following great companies