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What I Offer

I provide a range of tools and techniques that get to the source of your problem as well as providing the expertise to develop an overarching Safety Management System. My focus is upon identifying the physical and cognitive limitations and capabilities of your people in relation to their equipment, work processes, organisational culture and each other – a work place, piece of equipment or process that exceeds the ability of your people provides the perfect breeding ground for inefficiencies, errors and accidents.

Specific services
  • Safety Management Systems from developing the strategy, supporting plans and procedures through to implementation
  • Process re-engineering and development of supporting documentation with an emphasis upon the impact and risk any changes may have upon your people, operations and organisation
  • Human Factors Integration – the 5-step Process
  • Project management – of all human factors activities to make sure they align with other project disciplines
  • Human reliability and human performance assessments including usability and interface assessment and design
  • Situational awareness
  • Risk assessment associated with human performance
  • Workload assessment and predictive workload assessment – where you are now and where you will be after changes have been put in place
  • Workspace and workstation design to support your people and their tasks
  • Environment assessments – poor lighting, air quality, air temperatures, noise and vibration can lead to errors and accidents so address them
  • Research to bring you the latest information from all around the world
  • Disaster recovery – I have established a strong relationship with experts specialising in this area so are able to help you deal with major events by putting in place plans to keep operating even under less than ideal conditions

Organisations such as RailCorp, the NSW rail provider, have developed and implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System with a human factors component relating to how they manage safety across their network. Bluescope Steel in Wollongong applied a human factors approach to identify the factors contributing to an issue they had in their shunting yard – a solution was developed and implemented.

If organisations of this size see the benefit and get a return from taking this approach then it is worth looking at.


Companies I have worked with

During my 20 years of experience, I have been fortunate to work with the following great companies