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Projects from a Previous Life

Projects from a Previous Life

I have to acknowledge the projects I have been involved in in my previous life as a consultant with other consultancies and as an employee as I gained invaluable experience from each –


Sydney, Bangkok & Hong Kong

An interesting time when I was based in Sydney, I was seconded to the local rail provider for 3 months to produce the Customer Services Group Safety Management System manual & Corporate Safety Management System manual. Other projects with them include -

  • Assessment of station entry/exit gates to identify potential causes of injury to users
  • Developed of a one-day CRM-type communication protocol for trackside workers and signalers

I was part of a team auditing the Safety Management System for the underground provider in Bangkok and observing control room operations to assess the potential for human error in Hong Kong.

I also worked with colleagues to analyse why trains were passing red lights in the Bluescope Steel shunting yards, NSW.


I joined Tubelines as a Systems Engineer with a human factors focus before being promoted to Human Factors Manager and then Human Factors Function Manager. My mandate was to establish human factors as part of all Tubelines station, train and maintenance projects under the Public Private Partnership with London Underground. To achieve this I developed and implemented a Human Factors Integration Strategy and Plan including identifying competencies and recruiting specialists accordingly to build a team of in-house specialists supported by external consultants – team totalled 11. This strategy and plan met London Underground and HMRI requirements and projects were regularly audited to ensure it continued to do so.

The projects ranged from one-off special rebuilds such as Wembley Station, redesign of the Piccadilly Loop to incorporate Terminal 5 at Heathrow, the Stratford Stabling Yard and Tottenham Court Road and Camden Town (2 projects that were in the early planning stages), through to putting in a 7th car into the existing Jubilee line trains. Running in parallel to these projects was the upgrade or enhancement of all stations along the Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines – approximately $200m worth of projects.

Because of the workload it was often necessary for me to take on a delivery role within the projects in addition to my strategic role.

At Network Rail in London I was part of the Human Factors Integration Team with a focus on the temporary signalbox at Stoke-on-Trent. I also had a 6-month secondment with London Underground carrying out fault tree analyses and reviewing their Standards.

I also had a 6-month secondment to London Underground reviewing their Safety, Quality & Environment Standards, writing their Biodiversity Standard (they have a lot of overground track and issues with badgers, rabbits and deer around the tracks).

Marine – New Zealand

Marine is a great industry to work in. I got to work directly with the frontline staff – tug masters, pilots and stevedores. And scoped projects covering gate management to improve contractor management, inductions and security access; and new tug berths as well as the control room re-design.

Aviation – New Zealand

My time in aviation was a mixed bag working with both flight and cabin crew. I developed a product evaluation methodology to assess usability of on-board equipment with the objective to reduce the adverse physiological impact upon the Cabin Crew using it. I also developed and delivered an Incident Investigation Course with particular focus on the human factors section i.e. error arising from human activities and decisions.

Electricity – UK

As part of the IT Service Delivery team for Eastern Electricity in the UK I focused upon identifying users’ hardware requirements, workplace layouts and as Workgroup Manager on a new communication system implementation project. I also carried out risk assessments across all operations to improve safety.


Companies I have worked with

During my 20 years of experience, I have been fortunate to work with the following great companies