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Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Spending money to make improvements can be a risk – will there be a return on investment or will it be money down the drain? An article by Eric F. Shaver, Ph.D. & Curt C. Braun, Ph.D. shows there can be significant returns in three areas – internal, external and social – for human factors and ergonomics initiatives -

Internal ROI

are benefits that save the organisation money through decreased development costs and a reduction in the need to carry out re-design work. Less material waste and less waste of effort arising from sub-standard products or services;

External ROI

are benefits that increase the profitability of products or services by making them better for the customer through improved user experience, less returns and a reduction in refunds;

Social ROI

comes from the customer’s positive perception of the organisation, products that meet their needs and work the way they expect them to work! This creates a feeling of trustworthiness and strengthening of your Corporate image and branding – you are seen as a company who cares about your customers and goes that extra mile to give them what they really need.

The skills and experience GES Consulting Ltd has to offer will result in these returns. By applying a structured process that focuses upon the areas that can lead to financial loss primarily the relationship between the people, processes, equipment and environment appropriate steps can be taken to remove the points of potential error and waste.

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