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Why Do This?

Why Do This?

According to literature up to 80% of all accidents are caused by human error. If that is the true figure then doesn’t it make sense to do something to reduce it rather than continuously pick up the pieces because you are only addressing the outcome and not the cause? Human error also contributes to increased material usage and inefficiencies – both a big waste of time and money!

Human error is a consequence of a number of contributing factors coming together over time it is not the cause of accidents – how many times have you heard “human error” used as the conclusion in an investigation. That is really just the beginning of the investigation and the question why did someone make a mistake needs to be asked and answered.

Tragedies such as Pike River, Chernobyl, Herald of Free Enterprise and the Union Carbide disaster at Bhopal didn’t happen overnight they were the result of a number of factors (referred to as latent failures), including errors made by humans, lying dormant within the operation or system and then coming together all at once resulting in a disaster!

But let’s have a look at an everyday situation. There are 3 latent failures, or contributing factors, lying in the system. Each is a risk in itself but look what happens when they come together, and it is only a matter of time, or change of season, before they do come together.

GES Consulting Ltd has the practical experience and knowledge to analyse a system, process or operation and apply a particular tool or their 5-step process to effectively identify and design out the potential points of error. It is about identifying the problem, determining its level of risk then taking appropriate action. In human factors this means working with the very people involved to create something that works for them and the business. There is an added benefit with this approach in the form of a financial and productivity return on investment.

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