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The 5-step Process

Human Factors Integration

“the alignment of the human factors discipline with the engineering process”

Human factors integration is part of any large-scale rail project undertaken in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong it ensures the “people” requirements are incorporated into any structural and operational design before building begins.

GES Consulting Ltd offers a 5-step process that designs for people within an organisation. It is based upon international best-practice for integrating human factors through complex systems although it can be tailored to any sized business.

Step 1 Define the Problem

– using focus groups or representatives from the users define the problem;

Step 2 Analysis

– use the information from the previous step to identify the contributing factors;

Step 3 Design & Test

– develop a solution and test it – with the users!

Step 4 Build or Procure

– can the solution be built in-house or does it need to be procured from outside? Clearly define the requirements to meet the users’ needs – don’t forget to take into account the technical and business needs;

Step 5 Implement & Review

– put the new solution in place and review it over time to make sure it is what is needed.

This process has been successfully applied across large-scale rail projects in the UK including London Underground, Tubelines and Network Rail; and RailCorp in Sydney and is also commonly applied in aviation, electricity and oil and gas safety management. In New Zealand GES Consulting Ltd has successfully applied this process to the design of control rooms for Watercare and NZ Transport Agency.

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