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When Do We Do This?

To answer the often asked question of “when do I do this” or “I don’t see how or where this fits into my organisation or project” keep in mind the original objective of human factors – to create the more efficient fighting man so the simple answer is apply this process when you want to create the more efficient work environment, competent workforce, high quality products.

Do this -
  • When you keep experiencing the same type of accident over and over again and want to know why
  • When productivity is low, the quality of products poor and accidents occur regularly
  • When there is going to be a change to an existing system or work process – a change that may impact upon people and introduce the risk of mistakes being made
  • When you are bringing in new equipment – get input from the very people who are going to be using the new piece of equipment or maintain it, get confirmation that it will work and you are not wasting time or money
  • When you want a better engaged, more resilient and efficient work force – they often have the solution!
  • When you want to be proactive rather than reactive
  • When you want to improve your reputation in the market and improve staff and customer loyalty

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