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An interesting assortment of projects ranging from reviewing incident/accident reports for a Government agency through to being part of a multi-discipline team to deliver a control room.

Control Room Design Projects 

I been involved in a number of control room design projects -

  • Central Control Room, Watercare. Worked with Control Room staff to benchmark the existing facility and define a list of requirements that could be fed into any design for an upgraded facility. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Traffic Management Centre (TMC) Control Room, NZ Transport Agency. I worked closely with the architects and the videowall installers to define workspace layout, workstations requirements for 18 staff, lighting, viewing angles/distances and optimal height of the state-of-the-art video wall and how the information was to be delivered. NZ Transport Agency, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • I was involved in defining the user requirements for the SH20 Tunnel Control Room as part of the Waterview Tunnel project. I designed this control room to interface easily with the new TMC Control Room to ensure continuity with control function and a degree of flexibility in the event of an emergency and only one control room was operational. NZ Transport Agency, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Integrated human factors through the physical design of the new control point, NZ Customs, Auckland, New Zealand.

Electricity – New Zealand

I had 3 month support role to the incumbent Health & Safety Advisor for the duration of the 98k Outage Project at the Otahuhu B Powerstation.



As the Human Factors Specialist on the South West Rail Link project outside Sydney, I provided human factors expertise to the project team and the client, Railcorp. Sydney, Australia

New Zealand

I reviewed a number of rail incident/accident investigation reports providing a human factors perspective for Transport Accident Investigation Commission, Wellington, New Zealand.


As part of the Lloyd’s Register Marine team I participated in the risk assessment workshop on the MV Golden Bay concrete carrier, Auckland, New Zealand.

Health & Safety
The projects in this area include -

  • Developing the Health & Safety Plan for the World Rowing Championships on Lake Karapiro, New Zealand.
  • Being involved in the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health & Safety workshop and advised Ministers of state of health and safety in New Zealand.
  • Developing and implementing Health & Safety systems development for small to medium sized businesses, Auckland, New Zealand.

Other Projects

Auckland City Council
I had a short-term contract as Programme Coordinator on the Future Planning Framework project for Auckland City Council. This project involved defining the future of Auckland City, identifying the impact an increased population may have upon the existing infrastructure and resources and, identifying sites for potential urban intensification. My role was to co-ordinate project meetings, liaise with other groups involved and initiate a Design Guide for the development of the project area maps. Auckland, New Zealand.

Inland Revenue Department
The Inland Revenue Department has a number of videoconferencing suites around the country; I was part of a project upgrading the facilities including the physical rooms and technical systems to meet business and user requirements. New Zealand.

The ASB recently implemented a new bank design; working with the architects I reviewed the new design and layout with a focus on accessibility for able-bodied and disabled staff and customers. Auckland, New Zealand

Working with a low decile school in South Auckland, a colleague and I looked at how schools could be best structured to meet the future needs of staff and pupils in terms of teaching/learning styles, well-being and non-toxic environments.

Sustainable Transport
This was a community-based initiative on Waiheke Island to improve the public bus service using existing resources. Information gathered included identifying existing social, economic and environmental conditions and the impact of increased bus traffic upon the island’s people, business and environment.

Companies I have worked with

During my 20 years of experience, I have been fortunate to work with the following great companies